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The Neurodigm GEL Model was reverse engineered from

the successful use of therapeutic nerve blocks in humans.

Mary R. Hannaman M.D.

Physician with over 30 years of treating patients with persistent pain conditions including work injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, brain injuries and the elderly. Clinical expertise in opiates, neuroanatomy, neuroinflammation and use of diagnostic and therapeutic peripheral nerve blocks. Extensive preclinical experience. Diplomate of American Board of Physical Medicine

and Rehabilitation. Graduate of Baylor College of Medicine.

Joseph L. Bryant D.V.M.

Scientific Advisor

Consultant for Institute of Human Virology; Animal Models for AIDS on two NIH grants. Retired Associate Professor and Head of the Animal Model Division, Institute of Human Virology, Medical Biotechnology Center, Baltimore, MD (from 1996); Formerly Chief Laboratory Animal Veterinarian, Animal Program Director, National Institute of Dental Research, NIH (1988-1996), Dr. Bryant supervised all chronic pain animal models in this division.

Robert A. Hannaman M.D.

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